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Copilot for Microsoft 365

Welcome to the future of seamless productivity and unparalleled assistance – Copilot! More than just a Chatbot, Copilot is your dedicated partner, deeply integrated into your business. Here's some real-life usage to increase efficiency:


Summarize a long PDF

Turn a 20-page, jargon-filled PDF into 5 bullets using Copilot in Edge


Generate images

Leave behind stock images and text-only reports in favor of custom-generated images for emails, on social, and more


Get answers for specific, complex questions

Get answers to questions that require multiple data points or a degree of analysis


Draft emails and social content

Use it as your professional writer on call to draft emails, captions, and more


Learn new skills

Ask questions tailored to your needs and interests to get consolidated key points from the internet for you


Data Analysis

Handle complex data analysis tasks and transformed into actionable insights.

Unlock Success with SOS: Your Comprehensive Copilot Partner!

In partnership with SOS, Copilot becomes more than just a tool – it becomes a catalyst for success. Elevate your business operations, streamline processes, and unlock unparalleled efficiency with Copilot and SOS by your side.

SOS Microsoft 365 Copilot Journey


Advisory Services for Pre-Deployment
  • Understand Business Requirement and IT Environment

  • Provide Guidance and Best Practice Sharing for the responsible use of AI


Technical Readiness Assessment
  • Office 365 Health and Copilot Readiness Assessment for Data Access and Permission Control

  • Assessment Review and Rollout Recommendation


General Function and Usage Sharing Workshop for Copilot

End-User Workshop for using Copilot for daily working


Change Management and Services Rollout
  • Services Rollout and Adoption Plan

  • Roll Out Communication Templates


Copilot Adoption Services
  • Arrange Interview and Understand Daily Usage/Operation

  • Build Champion Network and Arrange Pilot User Group

  • Provide Copilot Usage Template for Reference

  • Arrange Regular Interviews and Collect Feedbacks

  • Sharing Session for New Update for Copilot for Microsoft 365

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